Unleashing God’s Power

Have you ever wondered what will it take to unleash God’s power in your life or ministry?  We have all read the accounts in the Bible where God unleashed His power and allowed men to accomplish great things through their lives and ministries.  You may have also read or heard about God doing similar things in the ministries of men and women in more recent times.


It is easy to dismiss these accounts and feel that the men and women that God did mighty things through were special and unique.  It could never happen with you.  We might say to ourselves, yes Elijah did great miracles but I’m just an ordinary person and it could never happen with me.  I have been there on many occasions myself.

However, in James we find that Elijah wasn’t special and the writer of James says that he was a man with like passions.  This actually means that he was a human being just like us.  Yet, his life was full of one exciting event after another.  Why did God do such great things through him?

As I have studied God’s Word, I found that every time God performed a mighty work through various people, there was a common motivation that each person had that seems to have unleashed God’s power.  This motivation is the key to having God’s power unleashed in your life and ministry.  This motivation is all about God and not about you and me.

For God’s power to be present in our lives, we must have the motivation to glorify God in everything we do.  To glorify God means to increase His reputation throughout the whole world.  God will do mighty acts only for His name’s sake.

One of the most well known accounts in the Bible is the story of David and Goliath.  We have heard the story of how David stood up to this mighty giant and declared “the Lord will deliver you up into my hands”.  Why did he have such confidence that this would happen?  It was because he had the right motivation.

In 1 Samuel 17:45, it is recorded that David believed God would deliver Goliath into his hands so “that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel”.  This was also the motivation of Elijah on Mount Carmel when he prayed, “today let it be known that You are God in Israel…that this people may know that You, O Lord, are God.”

Could it be that we are not seeing God unleashing His power today because we, as Christians, do not have the right motivation?

Here are some Scriptures that may help.  Exodus 7:3,5, 17; 8:8; 9:14, 16; 10:2; 14:17; Judges 7:2; I Samuel 17:45; I Kings 18:30; Ezekiel 36:22-24

I’d love to hear your thoughts on unleashing God’s power in your life and ministry!  

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Dr. Schultz has been involved in education for over 40 years. He recently completed 9 years of service as an associate pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church and Headmaster of Sherwood Christian Academy. Prior to coming to Sherwood in 2005, he served as a public school chemistry teacher, a Christian school science teacher, high school principal and superintendent. He also served as the Southeast Director for the Association of Christian Schools International and as director of Christian school resources at LifeWay Christian Resources. He is the author of the booklet A Parent’s Greatest Joy and the book Kingdom Education: God’s Plan for Educating Future Generations. He is married with three children and 6 grandchildren. His children attended biblically-based schools from Kindergarten 4 years old through college. His grandchildren are also being educated through biblically-based programs.

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  • Edward Earwood

    Great thought, Glen. I find that knowing the truth and doing the truth are two distinct actions. Sometimes I wish they were attached at the hip. Guess that Paul’s admission in Romans 7 that the desire to do right is often derailed by our sin nature is reinforced. Thanks for the reminder to glorify God in all that I do.

  • Edward Earwood

    BTW-I highly recommend “Kingdom Education” to any parent, educator, or pastor. It is well-written, clear, and biblical look at how God ordained the educational process to function. If you have not read this book, you owe it to yourself to do so and share with co-teachers or staff. You will not be disappointed.