Re-FOCUS Time!

WE’RE BACK !!!                                                                 

After a hiatus we are glad to be blogging again.  Beginning this month we will begin regular posts to FOCUS on Christian Education.  We are glad to re-connect with many of you and anticipate establishing many new friendships as well.

As we have prepared to re-launch FOCUS, I re-read our introductory post from January 2014.  I am sharing below some excerpts from that post.

Why another blog?

The purpose of FOCUS on Christian Education is to engage educators in relevant dialogue, equip educators for effective labor, and edify educators for biblically-relevant service all for God’s glory.

What do I mean by . . .

  • Engage– (in-gāj) to be involved, to assume an obligation; to enter into conflict
  • Equip – (ih-kwĭp) to provide with what is needed; to furnish for service or action by appropriate provisions; to make ready
  • Edify –(e-də-fī) to instruct and improve; to build or establish, especially the mind or character

What can you expect from FOCUS?

  • FOCUS will not be a one-person blog.  Although Edward will serve as the editor and Matt as the assistant to the editor, there will be many additional contributors.  The wise writer of Proverbs reminded us that confidence comes from “a multitude of counselors.”
  • FOCUS will depend on response and interaction from you—the reader and hopefully, the responder.
  • FOCUS will include more than just opinion narrative—it will provide a variety of post styles—i.e. book reviews, research and data-driven posts, etc.
  • FOCUS will seek to engage Christian educators—not that we will always agree—but that our “iron might sharpen iron” to the glory of God.


If you are already signed up to receive FOCUS by email, welcome back.  If you have not signed up to receive FOCUS, please take a minute and do so.  Anyone who signs up to receive FOCUS in the month of August will be entered in the drawing for an Amazon gift card.

Can’t wait to re-FOCUS.

Edward is the founder and managing editor of Focus on Christian Education. He also serves as the Executive Director of the South Carolina Association of Christian Schools.

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  • Dan

    I’m thrilled that the blog is back!