It’s Apparent . . . You’re a Parent!

Authored by John Lehman, It’s Apparent . . . You’re a Parent! is a short but compelling read for parents or those that may yet become parents.  The author identifies the book as a help in “raising Godly children in today’s [ungodly] world.”

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There are several points that the author makes that resonated as I read and re-read the book.  Though not a complete overview of the book, let me share with you some important take-aways as I read the book.

  • Though children do not come with an operator’s manual or parenting manual, it is very important that parents prepare themselves for the challenging task of raising children.  Parents should not expect that they will become good parents just because they have children.  Children will learn much from the character of the parents, not just learn from the procedures that parents follow.
  • God’s Word is the absolute standard for all that we do, including the task of parenting.  Parents should read and obey the directives of the Bible in parenting.  In a world of relativism and pragmatics, it is refreshing to find an author who values the Scriptures as a standard for Christian practice.
  • “Rear them to leave.”  Lehman addresses the issue of an “end plan” in several places within the book.  Parents should consider what they want their children to be like when they are grown.  This will determine how the children should be parented when they are young.  While parenting responsibilities do not end when a child leaves the nest, parenting should purposefully direct children away from the dependence of the home to an independent life (dependent upon Christ).
  • Do not quit when a mistake is madeThe author encourages parents to remain steady and faithful, even when a mistake is made.  Sometimes children rebel; other times parents make errors.  It is important that parenting be viewed as a marathon and not a sprint.

As a parent with children already out of the home, I found myself wishing that It’s Apparent . . . You’re a Parent! had been completed years earlier.  As a grandparent, I was happy that I could share the book with my children to use in their parenting journey.  As a Christian educator, I welcomed a new resource to assist many parents that are struggling with the important task of training the next generation of Christian leaders and parents.

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Lehman, J.  (2013).  It’s Apparent . . . You’re a Parent: Raising Godly Children in Today’s World.  Greenville, SC:  Great Writing, Inc.

Edward is the founder and managing editor of Focus on Christian Education. He also serves as the Executive Director of the South Carolina Association of Christian Schools.