It is Easier to be Traditional Than Biblical

Day 1 of the Kingdom School Institute is in the books, and I feel like I’m trying to take a drink from a fire hydrant!  I am so overwhelmed but in a good way!  I’d like to share some of my favorite quotes from the day!

© 2013 Brandon Shea. Creative Commons. See image citations for full reference (#37).

© 2013 Brandon Shea. Creative Commons. See image citations for full reference (#37).

The first quote is actually the title of this post…

It is easier to be traditional than Biblical.

In one of our first sessions, Dr. Schultz shared this quote with us, which his Pastor shared in a recent church service.  For Christian school educators, the application is clear: just because something has always been done a certain way or just because you were taught something in an education course doesn’t make it Biblical.  Everything about our schools and classrooms including content and methods must be in line God’s Word.  This was a great attention getter to start our day!

The second quote of the day that stood out was a definition of education (from a session with Dr. Schultz):

Education is the study of God’s Word and His creation through which God reveals His nature to man so that one will know God and glorify Him.

I wonder what percentage of all educators in the USA would agree with this definition?  If asked to provide their definition of education, I wonder how many Christian school educators would come up with something similar?

The third quote comes from Dr. Larry Taylor:

The catalyst to pursuing excellence is reverence for God.  Faith and scholastic excellence are mutually reinforcing.  There are not two forms of excellence.

Dr. Taylor showed how the highest form of excellence is becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ.  When this permeates a school, there is no room for mediocrity, compromise, or excuses.  When we are focused on following Christ, our focus is on the eternal and not the temporary.  Good stuff!

And finally (there were many, many others), from Paul Coughlin of the Protectors:

Bullying is the #1 form of child abuse today where many times the response from adults is to tell a child to ignore it.  Also, it is now the #1 concern among students and parents.

As a school leader, I was challenged to consider how I respond to claims of bullying at my school.  While “bullying” is certainly a buzz-word today, school leaders must act in a Christ-like manner to be certain each situation is appropriately addressed.  Ignoring the problem or not responding properly has countless potential negative consequences.

Day 1 was great, and I’m looking forward to another great day Thursday!

If you are attending the conference, what was one of your favorite quotes from Wednesday? If you are not attending the conference, I would love to hear your input on the statements highlighted above.

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