Great Expectations

Recent Gallup surveys report that approximately 70% of respondents admit that they are not performing anywhere near their full potential. “86% of the world’s employees are not willing to go the extra mile for their employers. That’s almost nine out of ten people who won’t stay late, work harder, give you their best ideas, or go above-and-beyond for their bosses” (2005 Global Workforce Study from Towers Perrin).

© 2012 Gerry Dincher. Creative Commons. Click here for full citation (#28).

© 2012 Gerry Dincher. Creative Commons. Click here for full citation (#28).

Christian school teachers are to give their best because they are working for the Lord and His ministry. Use the following acrostic to help you remember what great expectations there are for teachers.

Energize enthusiastically by motivating the children through your positive outlook and demeanor.

X” cellent always – Do the small things well.

Partner productively with the parents and your colleagues.

Endure patiently when children don’t understand.

Control consistently with grace and poise.

Transform teachably in to a master teacher by learning from others.

Appraise creatively so that students feel loved and special.

Teach passionately so others will “catch” your love for Christ and learning.

Inspire spiritually so that others will want to know Christ and live for Him.

Observe globally to stay “tuned in” to what is going on in your classroom.

Negative never so that you are always a joy to be around.

Serve selflessly so that others may see Christ in you.

Christ commands us in Matthew 5:41, “And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.” He is compelling us not to just meet the standard (expectation) but to double it! Be a two-mile Christian at work.

Do your colleagues, parents, and students recognize you as a two-mile teacher? A two-mile teacher makes extra phone calls home to check on students, creates opportunities to speak with parents about the Lord, takes papers home to grade, takes time to learn new teaching styles, etc. I challenge you to keep a log this next week of how many times you go the extra mile for your principal, parents, and students. Post the acrostic listed above on your desk and question yourself throughout the week to see if you are meeting or exceeding the expectations.

Roy W. Lowrie, Jr. reminds us that, “The fact that no administrator is watching us should be immaterial to the quality of our work, for we are always before the Lord.” The Bible also reminds us that “And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him”. (Colossians 3:17) There are great expectations for teachers. Don’t just meet the expectations – double them!

What is one thing that you can do in the upcoming week to go the extra mile?  

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Dr. Cathy Dotson serves as the Elementary Principal of Wilmington Christian Academy in Wilmington, NC. Her 21 years in Christian education and expertise in early childhood and elementary learning ideally equip her to share with FOCUS readers.

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  • Edward Earwood

    Great thoughts, Cathy. My observations indicate that one of the things that parents in my generation did not do well is instill a work ethic into our children. I think that your ideas are intertwined with this failure.