The Digital Invasion (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 2013)

Have you ever considered how much you use technology? If it were taken away, wouldthe-digital-invasion you be devastated?In The Digital Invasion Dr. Hart and Dr. Frejd explore how technology changes people. This is a very helpful book when considering how technology should be used in the home and at school.


Encyclopedia of Bible Truths for School Subjects ( Association of Christian Schools International, 1993)

Written by Ruth Haycock (originally in four volumes), Encyclopedia of Bible Truths for School Subjects is a sourcebook of information vital to Christian school teachers.  This volume provides organized, referenced, and categorized biblical truths designed to integrate every school subject.  Whether lesson preparation, research, project completion, or chapel and program development, this volume will become a trusted reference work that will allow you to work more efficiently and effectively.  A priceless resource, Encyclopedia of Bible Truths for School Subjects will deepen you knowledge and love for God’s Word while assisting you develop powerful, biblically-integrated lessons.



Kingdom Education: God’s Plan for Educating Future Generations (Nashville: Lifeway, 2003)

This book is a MUST READ for every Christian educator, period.  In the book, Dr. Schultz outlines the 10 principles of a biblically-based education.  The question is not WHERE (public school, homeschool, Christian school) should we educate our children, the question is HOW should they be educated.  This book will challenge your thinking in a number of areas.

A Scent of Water (Greenville, SC: Ambassador International, 2012)

Written by FOCUS blog founder Edward Earwood and contributor Dr. Phil Suiter, A Scent of Water is a book that asks hard questions about the Christian education movement.  Earwood and Suiter provide more than trite answers; they provide well-thought solutions to the toughest issues facing our movement.  Simply put, anyone and everyone involved with Christian education needs to read this book!  We understand that we may be a little biased on that point, but nonetheless we recommend A Scent of Water to you.

Qualities of Effective Principals (Alexandria, VA: ASCD, 2008)

What makes an effective principal?  So many answers could be given to this question, but this book provides solid insight into the topic.  Christian school administrators would do well to read and understand the content of this book.  Be sure to check out Edward’s post from February 25, 2014, which mentioned this book.