Best Teacher Convention Ever, Part 2

All the way back in April, I asked our readers some questions about the makings of a great teacher convention.  To refresh your memory, you can check that post out here.  The questions sparked some good discussion among our readers and provided some good ideas for my team as we planned the P78 Conference (P78 stands for Psalm 78, our state’s annual teacher convention).

In the video below, I share some of the things we implemented and how you can use some of those things in your school or classroom.  Check it out and leave a comment!


Matt is the Assistant to the Editor here at the Focus Blog. He also serves as the Administrator at the Victory Baptist Academy of Weatherford, TX, as well as the President of the Texas Organization of Christian Schools. Matt and his wife, Kelly, have three children that keep them on their toes!

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  • Martha Earwood Reed

    Thanks, Matt! I loved the speed thinking idea. I enjoyed a small-group meeting at the conference I attended this past summer. We were divided according to grade level/subject and got to chat with other teachers interested in the same things we were interested in. It was the highlight of the conference for me!

    • Matt Ticzkus

      That is such a powerful exercise. I think our students really benefit from these types of activities as well! Thanks for your comment!

  • Edward Earwood

    I posted earlier but somehow I do not now see the comment. I liked the speed thinking concept and might try to incorporate it into a bit larger setting. Thanks for sharing.