Are You on the Honor Roll?

School has been in session for 9 weeks. It is time for your first Teacher Report Card of this year. Will you be on the Honor Roll? Self-evaluate yourself and see if you would make all A’s.

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  • A = Always Observed
  • B = Almost Always Observed
  • C = Frequently Observed
  • D = Seldom Observed
  • F = Never Observed

Classroom Environment

  • Positive rapport and respect
  • Efficient routines and transitions
  • Evidence of varied learning situations (whole class,
    cooperative learning, small group, independent
  • Clear expectations for student behavior
  • Effective monitoring of student behavior
  • Safe and conducive to learning
  • Positive teacher demeanor and countenance
  • Teacher is actively engaged with students
  • Classroom is neat, attractive, and orderly.

Lesson Delivery

  • Teacher gives clear and accurate explanations
  • Teacher effectively addresses confusion and ensures understanding
  • Teacher actively encourages independent, creative, and critical thinking
  • Teacher uses effective, purposeful questioning
  • Students are engaged in the intended learning
  • Learning targets are clear
  • Technology is integrated during the lesson


  • Instruction includes a variety of strategies, materials, and/or pacing to meet student needs
  • Learning is accessible and challenging for all students


  • Resources and materials address learning styles and actively engage learners
  • Resources and materials are aligned to the instructional purposes
  • Resources and teaching aids are out ahead of time


  • Teacher checks for understanding at key moments
  • Instruction is guided by formative assessments
  • Teacher provides timely and responsive feedback

So, are you on the Honor Roll? What do you need to improve as you move into the second quarter? This school year has just begun. Strive for all A’s. Ask the Lord to give you the strength to stay in His Word and to always do your best for His glory.   

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Dr. Cathy Dotson serves as the Elementary Principal of Wilmington Christian Academy in Wilmington, NC. Her 21 years in Christian education and expertise in early childhood and elementary learning ideally equip her to share with FOCUS readers.