Are You Going to Fish or Cut Bait?

A lure has been defined as “anything that attracts, entices, or allures” (Trevor Kugler). As a teacher, what do you use to lure your students in to the lesson you are teaching?

“Lures” is  (c) 2006 David Huang (click photo for link).  Creative Commons.  Click here for full citation (#).

© 2006 David Huang. Creative Commons. Click here for full citation (#15).

A teacher must have a tackle box full of attention getting lures for many different types of students.

The following is a list of lures that a teacher can use to “catch the class”:

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 11.25.35 PM

One style of lure does not catch all types of students. Multiple types must be used to guarantee interest in the subject matter.  These lures reflect Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences so each style of learner is being considered and captivated.

Catching students is the teacher’s responsibility! What’s in your tackle box? Add the lures in the list above to your tackle box and use several of them in each lesson. Do not rely on one old lure to catch everyone! Start using some new lures today! Happy fishing!

What are some lures you use in the classroom?  

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Dr. Cathy Dotson serves as the Elementary Principal of Wilmington Christian Academy in Wilmington, NC. Her 21 years in Christian education and expertise in early childhood and elementary learning ideally equip her to share with FOCUS readers.

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  • Martha Earwood Reed

    Yesterday I had my students build a Lego model of a five paragraph essay. When they finished, they begged to do “something like this every day!” One boy said, “NOW I get what we’ve been talking about!” It was very exciting and a reminder of the benefit of varied approaches.

    • Matt Ticzkus

      It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut! Thanks for sharing!